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A list of Upcoming Mindfulness Events that Elli is facilitating.  These courses help to deepen your practice and incorporate new skills.  Learn more or register here.

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Two Day Course @ The University of Toronto: Mindfulness for Reconciliation and Conflict Management

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In this two-day course, you'll learn to recognize and handle the roots of strong emotions, and communicate effectively in times of difficulty. Explore the four-step framework of "Beginning Anew", based on the work of Zen Master and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh, which offers a concrete structure that can be applied to a wide variety of daily settings, including workplaces, classrooms and the home. This course involves a series of hands on activities to develop range of skill-sets that can be applied to foster reconciliation and conflict management. 

  • Apply mindfulness processes to reconciliation and conflict management.

  • Identify and handle strong emotions.

  • Develop effective communication tools that help navigate conflict.

  • Integrate mindfulness into your interpersonal relationships.

  • Use language and tools for healthy and sustainable reconciliation.

This course runs 9:00am-3:00pm on Saturday February 2nd. and Sunday February 3rd.